Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, I'm thankful for:

· My indulgent family.

They never complain when the laundry remains undone, the house is a mess, we have soup for dinner (again!), or when I say (almost daily), "That sounds great; let's do it right after I finish this chapter."

· My girlfriends.

They keep me sane (well, all things are relative -- they're not miracle workers) and give me someone to talk to other than the dog.

· My dog.

Who is my faithful sidekick. He gets me out of the house every day and never fails to remind me that dinner time is approaching, even when I'm hopelessly caught up in a project. I adore his enthusiasm when any of us return home. The second he hears the door squeak, he races around to find the nearest chew toy or sock and barrels up to the door to present his welcome-home offering. Cute, generous, and lovable—what more could you want from a dog?

I'm also grateful for my kick ass L.L. Bean barn boots, for Phipps' chocolate rugelach, for the promise of a new dishwasher, and for the fact that my darling husband allowed me to make reservations rather than turkey this year. XO

Enjoy the long weekend.