Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jetty!

Well, today Jetty baby is 1 year old! We had a long talk about how he's a big boy now, and must start acting like it. He has promised to stop his bad-boy biting and to stop growing. I have promised to yell at him less frequently and to drop food more frequently. No cake or candles for him today, although he did manage to get a small piece of bacon from Gilly's breakfast - now he feels his life is complete!

Speaking of Gilly - what's wrong with kids today? Jetty and I picked her up from a playdate yesterday, and she was full of tales about how great the Wii Fit game is. She announced that she thought it was terrific and had come up with a great new game that they should add - dog walking?! WTF??? I just looked at her in complete disbelief. I have an idea - how about you get your butt off the sofa and walk your real dog around the block rather than waiting for Nintendo to create a virtual dog for you to walk around the living room. Grrr, she really didn't get why I was so dumbfounded. I blame it on the blonde hair.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Jetty, and Happy New Year to all !