Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ok, seriously? Dog barfed in my bed, and when I cleaned it up, it clogged the toilet. Oh yes, you know you're jealous that I'm living the glamourous life...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mistaken Identity

Soccer Sunday today. Jet kept trying to chase the ball while the girls were warming up, so I took him for a walk until game time. While Coach was warming up the girls, Graham twiddled his thumbs and looked around the park. Poor guy had a panic attack when, whilst scanning the park, he couldn't see me, but could see another woman walking what he thought was Jet. Being a bit of a worrier, he naturally assumed I'd had some sort of accident and that this good Samaritan was trying to find the dog's owner. He went trotting over and said "Uh, that looks like my dog". The woman said "Oh, is your dog Jet? This is his sister Stella." Turns out that with Jetty's new haircut, they look identical. Crisis averted. (Before you get all dewy eyed and think his concern is romantic in the Michelle/Barrack vein, rest assured that Graham is much more pragmatic than that. His main concern would have been - "Who'll do the laundry if something's happened to Diana?")

We first met Stella a couple of weeks ago, also at the soccer park. Carrie came over with her dog to say hello. She asked if Jetty was a Portie and I said "yes", and asked about her dog, who turned out also to be a Portie. She asked which breeder we used and when I told her, she broke out into a big smile and asked "Is this Jet?" Turns out we met almost exactly a year ago at soccer and she had fallen under his spell. I'd given her the breeder's info and the rest is history - her dog Stella and Jetty are brother and sister (same parents, different litter). Basically, it's our fault they have a dog.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Night, Night to My Dreams of Canadian Idol

Poor Gilly was up late last night finishing a project. She couldn't relax enough to sleep, so she asked me to read to her. Jetty and I piled in the bed with her, and I read a chapter, but she still couldn't sleep. Then she asked me to sing her a lullaby. I sang her a little nonsense one that I made up when she was a baby, which usually does the trick. Unfortunately, I had some backup vocals this time. I'd barely begun to sing when Jetty decided to editorialize on my limited vocal abilities with some long, drawn out whines and cries. Then Gilly really couldn't sleep, because she was laughing so hard she almost fell out of bed!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brave Boy?

So, today we had our annual trip to the vet. Poor Jetty didn't see it coming. We went for a lovely walk first, and he should have been suspicious when we took a totally new route, but he was too distracted by the wonderful smells. He was fairly cool when we arrived, accepting a cookie and hopping on the scale (55 pounds! With a 38 pound Dad and 45 pound Mother, that certainly wasn't in the puppy brochure...).

The German Sheppard in the waiting room was slightly less cool. He crawled right up into his owner's lap. I smiled and made a comment about how all of them hate the vet. She explained that the vet wasn't the problem - it was Jet. Her dog is terrified of black dogs. Hmm, I had to point out to her that her dog is black - does that mean he's scared of himself? Poor fella.

So once the gate to the back part of the clinic was opened, all Jetty's cool deserted him. As we waited in the exam room he kept trying to crawl into my lap. See - the bad habits they pick up instantly, it's the good ones they can't seem to grasp. Once his vet arrived, it was game over - he dove straight under the chair and wouldn't come out. Poor boy, he must have known what he was in for —4 needles and a blood donation so they can do the heartworm test. At north of $325, both Jet and I hope it's the last we see of the vet for another year!