Monday, December 29, 2008

Jetty & Me

Saw the movie Marley & Me yesterday. Liked it, but about halfway through I realized (Spoiler Alert) that the dog was going to die. That meant I spent the rest of the movie steeling myself for that moment. Didn't work - cried like a baby. Of course, once we got home, we were guilted/inspired to make the most of our precious moments with Jetty, and to be all lovey-dovey with him. That lasted all the way through last night and up to this morning’s walk; but now the fun’s over.
He found a delish puddle of sick outside a local pub and slurped some up before Graham noticed and pulled him away (my screeching may have had something to do with his sudden awareness). We rubbed a bit of snow on his nose and mouth to try and get the residue off. We continued on to Starbucks for our mid-walk cappuccino, and sat on a bench enjoying both it and the sunshine. The moment was too much for Jet, and he was overcome with the need to give Mummy a big, wet, slobbery kiss - right on the lips. Do they make Purell that can safely be ingested by humans??? Yucky, yuck, yucky !! Sorry, but the brief reprieve is over - you’re back to bad-dog status, Booger. And remember, Marley is dead, so the title of Worst Dog Ever is up for grabs. Let's work together to avoid that accolade.