Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Hero ?

This morning we woke up to snow (pause here to pat my back in an effort to quell the tears...). Yuck. However, as Jetty was born in January, he loves the snow. He went crazy when we opened the back door and he discovered that the white stuff of his (relative) youth was back again. What fun he had romping and sliding around the garden. And frozen sticks are even more fun to chew than regular ones - like Mother Nature’s very own popsicle.

I may have mentioned that we’ve been having some trouble with Jet and his unnatural attachment to me. No one is allowed to hug or kiss me without getting a stern talking to from Mr. Jealous Legs. Even just leaning over to help Gilly with homework results in a firm body shove to make sure there is sufficient distance between us. He is constantly following me around, and it does wear a bit thin.

But, I have discovered that apparently there is a limit, even to Jetty’s love. I was tidying up the basement to try and carve out enough space to work on my new book, and moved a chair and some pillows. Out popped the most enormous spider and another disgusting bug—I don’t know the technical name, I just call them gazillipedes. Being a brave soul, I let out a piercing scream (I assure you it was just surprise, not fear). As I quickly turned around to find a heavy reference book to drop on the intruders, I saw a flash of black fur streaking up the stairs to safety. It’s nice that Jetty the Wonder Dog has finally shown his true colours. I love you, I love you, I love you. Oops, is there a problem? Gotta run... Typical male.