Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today, the world's a little brighter

...because Jet's sister Ivory has had her puppies. Jet is now the very proud uncle to 2 nephews and 2 nieces. All are healthy and happy, although only one was fortunate enough to have inherited his gorgeous black fur. It's hard to beat puppies for bringing a little sunshine into the world. If your day needs brightening, check out the puppies in the video below. They're delicious.

(Click the video called Ivory's First Litter, at the top right of the page. Otherwise you'll end up watching video of Jet and his siblings.)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Wow. Jetty's 2 today. Happy Birthday baby. It's something of a miracle you've survived both your own stupidity sense of adventure and my wrath. I'm hopeful that these will be the terrific twos, and not the more frequent terrible twos; I think we've all suffered enough, don't you?

On another note, we've recently learned that Jetty's going to become an uncle. Yes, the gene pool is continuing. Close your eyes and pray for the best...

Anyway, I think he's going to make a wonderful uncle. The canine equivalent of the fun loving, bad influence uncle who the adults always think twice about inviting to family gatherings, but then the kids rally together and clamour until they make sure he's on the guest list. He's going to teach Ivory's puppies how to:

  • wrestle cookie remnants from the pockets of pants once they've been put in the laundry hamper,
  • play soccer,
  • kiss a toad,
  • hump other dogs (he is the Mayor of Humpsville, after all),
  • find the prime position in the bed and then somehow become completely unmovable,
  • and my personal favourite — how to eat poop.

Best of luck with everything Ivory. We love you. And Jetster, we love you too. Happy Birthday sweetie, and Happy New Year to all. May 2010 be happy, healthy, and prosperous for us all.